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Beanstalk started as a pilot project under the Foundation of California State University, Sacramento in 1973 as Community Child Care Programs. In 1996, as a tribute to the founder, the name was changed to B.J. Jordan Child Care Programs, until 2001, where we come to what we know today as Beanstalk.


All along the way, the main focus and purpose has been to provide affordable child care, preschool, and nutrition programs for families who had limited financial resources.

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Meet Ms. B.J. (Betty Jane) Jordan
- Founder of Beanstalk

Graduating from Stanford University's School of Social Sciences in 1942 B.J. Jordan set out to serve families with limited financial resources in her community. She founded Community Child Care Programs, Inc. in 1973 which later evolved into Beanstalk.


We're proud to say that her mission remains ours, 50 years later.

Our Mission:

To provide children and families with high quality care, education and nutrition programs, in centers and family child care homes that are safe, affordable, and culturally and linguistically responsive.

Our Philosophy

At Beanstalk, our programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of children. We provide experiences that support and enrich children's thinking, language, social/emotional, physical, and creative abilities.


Each program's daily schedule offers opportunities for children to:

  • create and explore the environment

  • learn concepts

  • problem solve

  • develop personal interaction and self-help skills

  • work on small and large muscle development

  • acquire independence through active experiences with materials and people relevant to their own experiences

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