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High Quality Early Education Matters

Our Educators

Beanstalk staff are a select group of diverse, dedicated early childhood professionals
who truly understand the importance of early childhood and strive to make a positive
impact in the lives of children. Beanstalk staff provide consistent care that is supportive,
warm and responsive to each individual child’s needs while also nurturing an
environment that embraces culturally inclusive practices and is committed to helping
families grow healthy children

All of our teachers are highly qualified and hold appropriate teaching permits issued by
the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. They use their experience, knowledge,
skills and compassion to nurture the growth of children, support families, work closely
with each other and advocate for children and their families.

Our staff have access to a variety of ongoing professional development to increase their
knowledge and to stay current on research and best practices to ensure they are
implementing evidence-based strategies to support children to grow and develop to
their fullest potential.

Commitment to Quality

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Beanstalk’s classrooms are created and maintained to be clean, safe, and inclusive and provide access to a variety of learning materials. We maintain small group sizes and low staff child ratios. Teachers plan and implement intentional instruction that builds on children’s natural curiosity and interest and facilitate learning through play in the context of close, caring relationships. Teachers provide thought provoking, lasting experiences that enrich children’s thinking, language development, social emotional, physical and creative abilities.


We value parents as the first teacher and we understand the significant roles of families in children’s development. Our goal is to work together to establish partnerships based on musical trust and respect to provide what each child needs to flourish.

Beanstalk centers participate in Raising Quality Together (RQT), Sacramento's Quality Rating and Improvement system. RQT is a voluntary program focused on creating a comprehensive system that establishes uniform standards of quality for early learning programs and provides quality researched-based support for early childhood professionals.


Beanstalk participation in this initiative is part of our commitment to quality services and a rigorous and ongoing process of self-reflection and improvement.

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