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Our Curriculum

Beanstalk uses a variety of developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate teaching approaches. Children learn through meaningful play in learning centers and through intentional teaching during small and large group settings.


Beanstalk centers implement the Creative Curriculum for Preschool and the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos. As a content-rich, research-based developmentally appropriate curriculum, it encourages inquiry, exploration and discovery to build the academic and social-emotional skills needed for kindergarten and beyond. Children participates in studies, which are project based investigations of topics that are familiar and interesting to children. When children engage in a study, they have the opportunity to ask questions, investigate the topic and use higher-level thinking and process skills. Family members are invited and encouraged to become involved in the study.

Our Programs

Toddler Program

Free OR low-cost care and education program for ages 2-3.


Two Locations:

Natomas & North Highlands

Preschool (Part-Day/Part-Year)

FREE part-day state preschool program for ages 3-5. Morning & afternoon sessions, 3 hours each. There are no fees for part-day programs. Income eligibility is required.

Four Locations:

Crest Drive, Dry Creek,

Regency Park, & Ridgepoint

Preschool Full-Day/Full-Year
Free OR low-cost full-day state preschool programs running Monday to Friday. Family fees are calculated based on income, family size, and amount of care needed.


Three Locations:

Jefferson, Natomas, & North Highlands

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To qualify for our preschool programs please check your family's eligibility and join our waiting list, below!

Now Enrolling in your Neighborhood

You can fill out the waiting list form online with the button above (recommended) or download a PDF version to mail in, email, fax, or drop off in person, here:

English Waiting List PDF Form

Spanish Waiting List PDF Form

Call today for more info
(916) 344-6259

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