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Whether you're trying to find care for your own children or looking to provide the
best childcare and nutrition for others, the obstacles can be, well, as big as giants.
Since 1973, Beanstalk has been conquering the giant by providing the highest quality
child care and nutrition services available in the region.

To find out more about the "magic" behind Beanstalk, see the About Us page.


Beanstalk Center Based Programs are unique, offering sliding fee and free programs in licensed centers and family child care homes. Family choice is important to us. Beanstalk centers provide school readiness (preschool) with full day school and part day options and before/after school programs located primarily in Sacramento and outlying areas. The Family Child Care Home Education Network has flexible hours with sites located throughout the greater Sacramento area (income eligibility is required).
We bring magic into all our kids' lives

We believe that if children are going to learn and grow, they have to have good nutritional food. That's a fundamental part of the Beanstalk "magic." We have operated as an umbrella sponsor for the USDA Child Care Food Program since 1973. This program provides reimbursement for nutritional meals served to children in Beanstalk centers as well as in over 900 licensed family childcare homes. When children are in a Beanstalk program, they're eating well.

It isn't always easy leaving children with others. Finding a place that is safe, nurturing and educational can be difficult. Families need a place that they can trust.

We know that it takes more than just a little magic to provide this trust. It takes experience, expertise, integrity, resources and…most of all…a dedication to excellence.

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